Tile Roof Cleaning

tile roof washing

We can make your tile roof look brand new again. Our softwash tile roof cleaning process extends the life of your tile roof and increases the curb appeal of your home adding value to your property.

Why Clean Your Tile Roof?

  • Improve the look
  • Prevent leaks
  • Protect tiles and their coating
  • Extend the life of your tile roof
  • All organic growth is destroyed (your roof is disinfected)

Take Good Care of Your Tile Roof

Your tile roof is an important part of your home. It is the first line of defense against and protects everything under it.
It is wise to take preventative measures against moss and other organic growth to ensure your tile roof continues to function as it was intended to do.

When moss builds up in the spaces between the tiles and at the edges of the tiles, water can become blocked from its intended draining pattern, causing back-flow into the roof, resulting in leaks. Moss and algae will also eat away at the tile coating, which results in loss of colour and significantly reduces its lifespan.

The Tile Roof Cleaning Process

Our tile roof cleaning service starts by carefully removing the bulk of the moss and other debris by hand. We then treat the roots with an environmentally friendly solution that will completely disinfect the roof. We finish by rinsing the roof with very low pressure clean water. While cement tile can be rinsed with low pressure, we never use high pressure as this can damage or even break tiles.

  1. Removal of the bulk of the moss and other debris by hand.
  2. Treat tough roots with our environmentally safe cleaning solution.
  3. A final water rinse using low pressure.

Tile Roof Cleaning Quotes

Sedona Power Washing always offers free tile roof cleaning quotes. There is absolutely no pressure and no obligation to us after your roof has been quoted. We will happily answer all of your roof cleaning questions and your quoted price is guaranteed to never increase even if the work takes longer than anticipated.