The Sedona Guarantee

Our Pledge to You

The Sedona Guarantee is not just one, but SIX guarantees. We are the only power washing company with this offer. It’s part of what puts us ahead of the competition. Any time you book with us you always get these guarantees.

No Surprises Pricing

When we send you a quote, you are getting a guaranteed price without exception.We don’t add additional costs and we don’t add any hidden fees. You receive a detailed proposal with a detailed list of work items. When you get our invoice, we guarantee there are no surprises. The quoted price is the final price.

On Time Arrival

When we tell you that we will arrive by a certain time, you can count on it. It’s part of taking pride in our customer service experience. When you book with us, you will never get a large window of time for arrival. Your time is precious and we respect that.

Dedicated Tech Lead

Any time we do a job for you, you get a dedicated, uniformed, professional tech lead. Quality of work and service is extremely important to us. That’s why you will always have a team lead. Our team leads are extraordinary people that we trust. They also have extensive training and experience.

Amazing Work Quality

We always strive to do the best work possible. That’s why we guarantee you will be happy with the results of your cleaning project.

You're Protected

Your home is your most valuable asset. We treat your home with complete respect. That means we won’t peel your paint, we will cover electrical sockets. and we won’t damage gutters with abrasive, heavy ladders as a few examples. We are also licensed and carry WCB and liability insurance.

No Mess No Fuss

It may sound strange to be worry about the cleanliness of your property when we’re finished cleaning it, but that’s why we put it in writing. Too many companies will make a mess to clean something. Whether it be gutter debris on the ground, cleaning detergent on the windows or hoses left on the ground, we promise to put everything back as it was.  We never, EVER leave a mess.