Metal Roof Cleaning

metal roof cleaning company

Are you looking for a professional and experienced roof cleaning service to clean a your metal roof? With our softwash roof cleaning technique your metal roof will be brought back to its original luster. Your roof’s lifespan will be increased and softwashing will not affect your roof’s warranty. All forms of algae and organic growth will be completely destroyed.

Depending on several factors including the type of metal, roof pitch and roof coatings we employ a softwash roof cleaning to get perfect results every time.

We always offer free quotes. Call us today to see how we can bring your metal roof back to life.

Why Vancouver Chooses Our Metal Roof Cleaning Service:

  • Our metal roof cleaning is guaranteed to last 2 years.
  • Our softwash metal roof cleaning process has zero risk of roof damage.
  • Our employees are trained, certified and experienced professionals.
  • Metal roof cleaning prevents premature leaks and cracks due to algae, moss, and lichen.
  • We carry comprehensive third party liability insurance and are covered by WBC.
  • Our SoftWash metal roof cleaning kills 100% of the roof algae, mold, mildew and bacteria growth.

Free Metal Roof Washing Quotes

Sedona Power Washing always offers free metal roof cleaning quotes. There is absolutely no pressure for you to continue with us after your roof has been quoted on. We are always happy to answer all of your roof cleaning questions. Our prices will never increase even if the work takes longer than anticipated.

We are a locally owned and operated company and proudly serve throughout the North Shore, Burnaby and Vancouver region.

You can reach us by phone, email or through social media