Window Cleaning


Window Cleaning

When you choose us, you are getting our streak free window guarantee. Insured, licensed and bonded, you can be fully at peace knowing we will do the job right.

For exterior windows, we use pure water-fed poles that prevent streaking and spotting.

What Is a Water-Fed Pole System

This is a pole system in which a telescopic pole (typically carbon fiber) is used for cleaning windows. The pole utilizes a professional brush or several brushes that is attached to the top of the pole. Poles can be extended to reach heights of 70 feet! Pure water is pumped through these poles allowing the window washer to scrub and rinse windows thoroughly. With the use of pure water, windows are guaranteed to be streak free.

Benefits of Using Water-Fed Poles

Water-Fed Poles are a great technological advancement for window cleaning. Here is a great list of benefits when you have your windows cleaned with a pure water-fed pole system:

  • Safety – With high end carbon fiber poles that are light and stiff, we can safely reach as high as 70 feet. That means we almost never have to use ladders or platforms. For the residential market in the Vancouver surrounding areas, we can clean 99% of all windows from the ground.
  • Versatile Uses – Not only can these poles clean your windows, but they can also clean window frames too. Because we clean your window frames, you can be assured that the next rainstorm won’tcause dirt to drip from your window frame onto the glass. Poles can also be used to clean fascias, soffits and other surfaces.
  • Cleaner for Longer – Using a pure water-fed pole to clean your windows will actually keep your window cleaner for a longer period of time. Pure water does not attract contaminants because there are no particles in the water. Particles and soap residue can attract contaminants when left on glass. Because pure water has no particles in it, the glass dries clean with nothing on it to attract dirt and grime. Your windows will stay cleaner for a significantly longer time.
  • Eco-Friendly – The sponge and bucket method often relies on some chemical solution or detergent to remove dirt and stains from the glass and that poses health and environmental risks. On the other hand, water fed pole systems use only purified water that has no side effects and won’t do any harm to your property, your wellbeing or the local ecosystem.
  • Safety – There is no price for human life as there are no spare parts for the human body. Working from the ground reduces and avoids many risks like falling from heights or ladders.
  • Time-Saving – This is one of the major benefits of using the telescopic pole system. In a fast-paced world, every technique that reduces the time to get things done brings unparalleled value to both the property owners and the window cleaners.


Interior Window Cleaning

There are basic rules that we always follow in our interior window cleaning service:

  • We don’t wear shoes in your house
  • We carefully move your furniture and knicks knacks away from the work areas.
  • We use clean drop cloths to protect your floors and sills from water damage.

When it comes to interior windows, we use professional grade brushes, squeegees and micro fiber cloths. We do each of the following for your interior windows:

  • The windows are washed and squeegeed.
  • Your windows are then polished using a dual micro-fiber cloth system.
  • The frames around each window and tracks are wiped clean. In some instances, the best choice may be to use a toothbrush to get corners and edges of tracks.


Service Areas

Our Exterior and interior window cleaning services are available to our commercial and residential customers in:

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that your windows will be streak free. Because we work hard to establish relationships with our customers, we offer an unmatched 6 point guarantee. Read all about it here.

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