Stratas and Managed Properties


Stratas & Property Managers

Stratas and managed properties require advanced power washing equipment, teams of technicians and the knowledge of how to work amicably with your tenants and administration.

Once our free, guaranteed quote is approved, we will work with you and the tenants to provide advanced notice of the date of servicing, the power washing work that will be done and what tenants may need to do beforehand.  For example, tenants may have to move patio furniture, bring plants inside, and close all windows. On the day of the cleaning service, we remind tenants in person that we are preparing to do power washing.  At this time furniture may be moved inside or covered and windows may be masked off depending on the situation and the agreed to service plan with the strata or property management team.  In short, we’re polite, courteous professionals.

Our services include; windows, gutters, roofs, siding, walkways, parking lots, decks, fences, patios and more.  We can even bring and fill dumpsters for site cleanups if needed.  Sedona Power Washing is your one stop shop for all exterior cleaning services.

In providing a cleaning service,it is important to have the proper equipment and training to handle the job.  Sedona Power Washing has some of the best equipment the industry and capable, trained, certified and insured technicians specializing in power washing and soft washing techniques. If you have buildings reaching several stories, we can handle those without issue.

We always include our 100% job satisfaction guarantee.  If you have any issues at all, we will work diligently and honestly to rectify it.  Call us today to inquire about a service or customized regular service contract.