Cedar Shingle Roof Cleaning

cedar shingle roof cleaning

It’s time to get that cedar shingle roof back to its original luster. Our professional softwash cedar shake roof cleaning will take your roof back to pristine condition, extend the roof’s lifespan and increase your properties curb appeal and property value.

Cedar shingles need to breathe so it is important to remove moss, dirt and other infestations. Cedar shingles are delicate so it’s important to not use the full force delivered by regular pressure washing.

Regular power washing will damage a cedar shingle roof and void your warranty. This is why we use a softwash cleaning system for all cedar shingle roofs.

What is a Cedar Shingle Softwash?

Our cedar roof soft wash process is by far the best way to clean your shingle roof.

No two cedar shingle roofs are exactly the same. They all are at different stages of use and issues will vary from roof to roof. We have many years of experience cleaning shingle roofs and can assess the best way to go about cleaning your particular roof to achieve the best results.

After our initial inspection we always advise our clients on the best course of action for their roof. We have several different cleaning methods we can employ.

Our goal with every cedar shingle roof cleaning is to extend roof life, remove any thing that could damage the cedar and proceed in the most careful way as to not damage the roof.

Shingle Roof Washing Quotes

We proudly serve Vancouver and its surrounding region with the best quality shingle roof washing services. We always offer free quotes on all of our roof cleaning services.

There is no commitment or sales pressure if you choose not to go with us.

Please feel free to call us, email, use our quote request form or engage us on social media. We look forward to speaking with you soon.