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Residential Power Washing

Burnaby residential power washing

Sedona Power Washing provides Burnaby BC with highest quality, professional power washing and soft wash services for residential and commercial customers. We clean houses, duplexes, condos, apartments and stratas.

Power Washing can get the best cleaning results for all types of surfaces in and around your property including: driveways, patios and decks, fences, skylights, rock and brick surfaces and garages

What makes us unique? We use a patented soft wash system as well as traditional power washing methods to get the best results for your residence and surrounding property.

Soft Wash - A Better Way To Clean

Our soft wash system the best way to clean your house in Burnaby. The environmentally friendly cleaning detergent kills mold, algae, moss, mildew and bacteria completely. Not only will your home’s exterior be clean, the cleanliness will last longer than traditional power washing. Our Burnaby power washing team can do it all with a focus on detail. We never cut corners!

When you hire our Burnaby power washing team, you get many benefits including:

Burnaby Commercial Power Washing

Burnaby commercial power washing company
We power wash all types of commercial structures and surfaces:

Our commercial power washing teams can help your Burnaby based business get the power washing results it needs to increase customer satisfaction. Our power washing services can help streamline your organization’s cleaning schedules. And we can always work around your schedule to minimize any disruption to your operation.

Burnaby businesses choose Sedona Power Washing because our professional and certified cleaning teams have you covered. We ensure that every aspect of our service and pricing is the industries best. All our work is fully guaranteed and environmentally safe. We offer flexible schedules and fixed prices that never change, even if the work takes longer than quoted to perform.

Our comprehensive commercial power washing services are performed by our certified and experienced technicians. You will receive before and after pictures of the work done. We will do a post job inspection walk around.

We only use 100% environmentally safe cleaning products to keep your workplace environment safe for staff and customers.

We always offer free price quotes for all commercial power washing services and our quoted price will never change even if the work takes longer to perform.

Our customized and flexible maintenance plans are designed to work with your operation’s schedules to minimize or eliminate any disruptions.

We always offer a 100% Service Guarantee. Our company is fully licensed and insured in Burnaby BC.

Burnaby House Washing

Burnaby house washing services

For the best in Burnaby house washing put our Soft Wash cleaning methods to the test.

With traditional power washing, the risk of damaging your home increases significantly. High pressure water can dislodge concrete from brick homes, peel and chip paint, bend and destroy vinyl, it can even etch wood or other surfaces as well. When it comes to windows or doors, seams that are sprayed can weaken those seals.

With soft washing, we only use garden hose type pressure. Instead, we rely on the biodegradable, environmentally safe detergent to do a thorough cleaning. While power washing takes longer and displaces dirt and algae, it can also spread mold spores. Soft washing gives vastly superior results by killing algae, mold, mildew and lichens at the root. It easily removes dirt and other organic stains for extraordinary results in less time.

Soft washing requires extensive training and specialized equipment with high end, industry-specific detergents. Most power washing companies simply do not make these extensive investments. Our technicians are professionally trained and certified so you are always in very capable hands.

Burnaby Gutter and Eaves Cleaning

Burnaby BC - Gutter Cleaning
Benefits of Gutter Cleaning:

Gutter cleaning is extremely important in protecting your home. Gutter cleaning prevents damage to siding, windows, doors, foundations and basements. Without function gutters, you can incur very costly repairs to your home. 

When you need your gutters cleaned properly, look to us. We not only clean the gutters, but we place all debris in green bins or in green bags to be disposed offsite. We do not leave a mess on the ground.

We offer gutter cleaning services throughout the entire Burnaby region.

When you hire our experienced gutter cleaning service, we identify issues and potential issues using our systematic 12 point inspection. We can save you a lot of money and headache with our unique service offering.

Burnaby's Roof Washing Company

Roof cleaning in Burnaby BC
Why Burnaby BC chooses Sedona for roof washing services:

For over 20 years Sedona Power Washing has been setting new standards in Burnaby roof cleaning services. Our patented soft wash system is simply the best way to clean your roof.

The ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association) and CASMA (CANADIAN ASPHALT SHINGLE MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION) recommend soft washing as the only cleaning method that is adequate to clean your roof while keeping your manufacturer warranty intact. We meet all insurance provider requirements for roof cleaning

Our soft wash destroys 100% of all algae, mold, mildew and bacteria for a perfect clean that lasts. Because we are able to kill infestations at their root, we are able to provide a 2 year warranty with our roof cleaning service. Many times our roof cleaning lasts for 3-5 years.

Call us today for a free roof inspection and quote.

Burnaby Window Cleaning Services

Burnaby window cleaning services

Our window washing achieves a  streak free finish every time, guaranteed.

We are a fully insured and licensed window cleaning company, so you can rest at peace knowing we will do the job right.

We do both interior and exterior windows. We use pure water-fed carbon fiber poles with professional grade Tucker brushes that prevent streaking and spotting for the best possible results. When we clean your exterior windows we also clean the window frame as well for a complete job. Many of our customers requestour track and screen cleaning service as well.

Burnaby Power Washing Service Region

Sedona Power Washing has been setting new standards in power washing and house cleaning services throughout the Burnaby region since 1998. We are proud to be a locally owned and operated business with many ties to the Burnaby community. We have serviced hundreds of residential and commercial customers throughout Burnaby’s many neighbourhoods and communities:

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We offer free quotes on all residential and commercial power washing and SoftWash cleaning services in Burnaby. Use our quote request form or call us today at (604) 900-8780.

We will respond within the business day.