5 Great Reasons to Power Wash in the Early Season
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It’s still cold outside and it rains here in the lower mainland more than not, but that shouldn’t stop you from cleaning your property. Here are 5 very good reasons to power wash (or soft wash) your house siding, deck, driveway or patio before Summer time.

One, power washing can very easily damage your home if cleaned by someone that is not professionally trained. The more established, reputable companies with those professionally trained technicians are booked weeks in advance in the Summer months. If you hire someone that is readily available in the Summer months, chances are they may not be doing quality work and could cause permanent damage that is costly, difficult and time-consuming to repair. Trained professionals may have a more open schedule if you book them early enough. Wait too long as these same companies are typically booked several weeks and even months in advance.

Two, head to downtown Vancouver on a sunny afternoon or evening and you will see patios filled to capacity with people leisurely enjoying the warmer, drier weather. In the Pacific Northwest, we cherish our warm, sunny weather. It comes in too short supply. If your deck or patio is under a heavy layer of mold, dirt and algae when that first awesome weekend arrives, everything won’t be clean and ready to go. If you delayed cleaning until then, you may have to wait a few weeks after patio weather starts before it can be cleaned since power washing companies tend to be heavily booked by this point.

Three, save some money. Companies like Sedona Power Washing may offer a discount in the early season to fill their schedules. Once the season is in full swing and the schedule is fully booked, those promotions are difficult or impossible to find.

Four, enjoy good, quality service. Good companies will always do a great job cleaning your property without exception.  But when the day is only partly full, some companies may have more time to get it right. At Sedona, we always do the job 100% to your satisfaction.

When a day is fully booked, we may be moving from job to job and things can get tight. In the early season it’s possible that the day may be only partly filled. That gives us time to do a little extra! For example, if we’re cleaning your driveway, chances are we may clean the sidewalks as well. It’s just in our nature to try and do a little bit more.

Five, do power washing before water restrictions are in effect. Locally, some jurisdictions have by-laws that restrict water usage for surface cleaning and power washing at stage 3 even for commercial companies. By cleaning now, you can ensure that you can power wash your property without worry.

Don’t wait for the Summer to power wash your property. You can do it now and get great benefits!

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